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My GeoRide disconnects/re-connects to the network
My GeoRide disconnects/re-connects to the network
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In case of recurring network disconnections of your GeoRide 1, please check:

  • that you have activated the case's internal battery switch (located under the plastic hatch on the back of your case).

  • When you unplug the GeoRide it should stay on and you should receive a power disconnect alert. If not, contact us.

  • that your GeoRide is correctly connected to your vehicle's battery (recurring problem).

  • that the SIM card is well placed and locked under the metal hatch at the back of your GeoRide.

  • that the place of parking where the disconnections appear is correctly covered by the telephone network.

  • that the GeoRide is not attached with metallic tape or any other element that may cause interference.

  • that the GeoRide is not covered by a metal object (tank, tarpaulin, etc.)

We advise you to test the behavior of the GeoRide simply placed on the seat for several hours in comparison with a hidden placement inside the motorcycle. If the GeoRide works correctly on the seat but not below, it will then be necessary to modify its hiding place.

If none of the tips above solve your problem, contact us.

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