GeoRide 3 includes the new Bluetooth proximity badge. The badge allows the motorcycle to recognize you when a vibration is detected and that you are within range.

How do I change the GeoRide proximity badge battery?


To pair your badge, follow the instructions on your application in the Device Settings > Badge menu.

Automatic locking

When you park your motorcycle and leave it stationary for 30 seconds, the vehicle will automatically lock on your application.

You will then see a red zone around your vehicle and a closed red padlock next to its name on the application.

Behavior without the badge in range

If you shake your bike, you will receive a vibration alert within seconds.

If you leave the red lock zone, you will receive an exit zone alert which will unlock your vehicle.

Behavior with the badge in range

If you shake your bike, it will automatically unlock after a few seconds on your app.

The padlock will turn gray and open, the red area will then disappear.

30 seconds later, if the motorcycle does not experience any movement, the vehicle will automatically lock again.

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